Macs tend to be similarly priced to similarly equipped Windows machines (with Macs tending to have better software and the PC tending to have better bench mark scores for its hardware). While there are exceptions, this is the general rule…

If you find a link to a comparison that agrees *or* disagrees with my claim, please let me know. I am happy to add it (seebelow for details).

Supports claim


Quote: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. Not only are Apple's computers actually less expensive than Dell's, they are also beautiful machines you won't mind showing off in your living room. The beauty and style come for free. They wouldn't be Apples if they weren't both well made and thoughtfully designed.


Quote: The PowerMac is $71 less than the comparably equipped Dell “box”. Now, no flames, please. Don’t jump for your keyboard yet. Yes, you can get a less powerful Dell workstation at a lower cost. I went for the high end in this comparison and tried to keep the components as “apples to apples” as possible.


Quote: The price comparison illustrates that Apple doesn't charge the supposed "premium" that is often equated with their systems, and the company prices its computers very much in line with what the average consumer pays for a complete system. Can we finally do away with the falacy that implies that Apple charges too much?


Quote: All in all, nothing compared to the entry-level eMac [in terms of its low price for its features], especially when you take into account the peripherals, the operating system and all the software that Apples ships with it, which includes the iLife suite ... But next time someone tells you that Macs are expensive, you will have a few numbers to put into the conversation!


Quote: PRICE COMPARISON: The G5 is $600+ cheaper when both configs match


Quote: So it comes down to this: When you do a fair price comparison, Macs are not more expensive than comparably equipped Windows PCs. Quite often they are cheaper.


Shows a TCO comparison.. again a bit questionable to show here, but I think it is close enough to make it. In any case, if people start adding too many TCO's we can take it down.

Result: With .Mac the Mac ended up a bit more expensive, without .Mac the Windows machine ended up being the more expensive.


Quote: I don't think there's much of a competition here. The Millennia blows away the PowerMac in pretty much everything hardware...


Quote: In this case, I have to give it to the Dell by a slight margin. These systems are pretty even, and cost nearly the same, but the Dell does edge the iMac out in two key areas


Quote: The new Macs aren't great values either, as the top-of-the-line G5 ($3549 as configured) costs about $200 more than the similarly configured Alienware Aurora.


Quote: The iMac is $118 cheaper than the Dell, not an insignificant amount, roughly equal to 15 movie tickets or one ticket if you also stop by the concession stand. What we learn from this exercise is that Macs aren't as expensive as current wisdom would lead you to believe.


Quote: Out of the four lines that Apple offers, from low-end consumer to high end professional, the Apple computer beats the Dell system 3 out of 4 when considering price. Seem odd?

It’s simple; Apple offers users a system that is completely configured out of the box. You get everything you need at the suggested price, including great proprietary software that works. With the Dell systems, you are left picking up the pieces after the sale. After you have added everything the Mac has to offer, the prices become much more comparable, and in my research, the Apple systems are actually a better deal.



Quote: So despite all the urban myths to the contrary, when you actually compare Apples to comparably equipped Dells, the Apples are not only tastier-looking, but they're less fattening, too! Every single one, which I have to admit surprised me a little bit.

Quote: Throughout the week I spent researching and configuring these systems, Dell seemed to change their prices every single day. It was impossible to nail down a consistent price... even the prices of the options seemed to change, and were even sometimes different from system to system.

5/5 /

Quote: Macs Are More Expensive, Right? So, bottom line, are PCs cheaper than Macs? No, despite what you read in the PC press, it's the other way around. Compare Apples to apples, and Macs are cheaper than PCs


Quote: But next time someone tells you that Macs are expensive, you will have a few numbers to put into the conversation !


Quote: Apple, Dell neck-and-neck on price


Quote: Apple has generally maintained a $300 price premium. By any measure, the delta has moved up a bit and the price difference is still a few hundred bucks.


Quote: I can't help but feel like the famed "Mac price premium" is a myth here.


Quote: Macs and comparably-equipped, brand-name Windows PCs tend to be roughly comparable on price these days.

Quote: My reaction: Wow. I mean, seriously: Wow. The Mac Pro is more than $1,000 less expensive?


Quote: A low-end Mac Pro will cost you $2,124, compared with $3,071 for a nearly identically configured Dell Precision Workstation 490. The Mac is about $947 cheaper — and the gap widens when you start piling on options such as more memory, faster processors and bigger hard drives.



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