Print Dialog Comparison

Click the links on either side to see the Print dialogs from various applications. All applications, with the exception of WordPerfect for Windows, are made by the same company that makes the OS. I have a screen shot of WP because some complained that the screen shot of Word was not fair - MS apparently used MS Office, one of the most popular set of applications, to test new interface elements and designs. WP, however, is even worse! What a mess its dialogs are!

Throughout the XP programs, though, there is great inconsistency. The color of the dialogs is different, as are the very icons. What, really, is consistent between the different print dialogs in XP?

With OS X, there is great consisteny. The only thing inconsistent is the difference between using a sheet or a dialog. The color of the "Print" button appears to be inconsistent in the screen shots, but that is solely because the button "pulses" and is slightly different shades depending on the exact moment I took the screen shot. Other than those two differences, I could have used the same screen shot for all programs!