Honor and Honesty Code

The following people agree to treat each other with honor and honesty. This does not imply that they will always agree, but that in disagreements they will treat each other in ways that adhere to the mutually agreed upon code.

The code is:

  1. Be specific. Use the specific example of what it is you that is bothering you. Vague complaints are hard to agree on, especially in a forum like this.
  2. Don't generalize. Avoid words like "never" or "always." Such generalizations are usually inaccurate and will heighten tensions.
  3. Don't stockpile. Storing up lots of grievances over time is counterproductive. It's almost impossible to deal with numerous old problems for which interpretations may differ. Try to deal with problems as they arise.
  4. Agree to let the past go.

These people have agreed to this pact, and should be held accountable to treating each other based on the code.


CSMA Name Date Link
Snit 15 May 2004 Author
ed 30 Nov 2004 This post
Sandman 04 April 2007 This post